Dartmoor Pony


  • HEIGHT: Not exceeding 127cm (12.2hh)
  • COLOUR: Bay, Black, Brown, Chestnut, Grey and Roan. Piebalds and Skewbalds are not allowed. Excessive white markings should be discouraged.
  • HEAD AND NECK: The head should be small with large kindly eyes and small alert ears. It should be well set on a good neck of medium length. The throat and jaws should be fine and showing no signs of coarseness or throatiness. Stallions to have a moderate crest.
  • SHOULDERS: Good shoulders are most important. They should be well laid back and sloping but not too fine at the withers.
  • BODY: Of medium length and strong, well ribbed up and with a good depth of girth, giving plenty of heart room.
  • LOIN AND HINDQUARTERS: Strong and well covered with muscle. The hind quarters should be of medium length and neither level nor steeply sloping. The tail should be well set up.
  • LIMBS: The hocks should be well let down with plenty of length from hip to hock, clean cut and with plenty of bone below the hock. They should have a strong second thigh. They should not be sickled or cow hocked.
  • The fore legs should not be tied in at the elbows. The fore-arm should be muscular and relatively long and the knee fairly large and flat on the front.
  • The cannons should be short with ample good, flat, flinty bone. The pasterns should be sloping but not too long. The feet should be hard and well shaped.
  • MOVEMENT: Low and straight coming from the shoulder with good hock action but without exaggeration.
  • GENERAL: The mane and tail should be full and flowing. The Dartmoor is a very good looking riding pony, sturdily built yet with quality.
Secretary: Mrs Viv Brown
Secretary: Mrs Viv Brown
Dartmoor Pony Society
Swn Yr Afon,
Thornhill Road,
SA14 6PT.
Tel: 01269 844303
Website: www.dartmoorponysociety.com


  • Stallions or Colts aged three years or over may not be shown unless in possession of either a Ministry of Agriculture Licence, a DPS Veterinary Certificate or a DPS Veterinary Licence.
  • No mare with foal at foot or due foal in the current year may be shown in Ridden Classes. No mare may be shown with a foal under the age of three weeks. Mares must be accompanied by their foals in the ring
  • Ponies in Mixed Mountain and Moorland or Dartmoor classes must be shown unplaited.
  • Ponies should be shown in a clean but natural state with full mane and tail.


  • Long hairs under the jaw and those protruding from the ears may be trimmed.
  • Whiskers must not be trimmed.
  • The tail may be trimmed at the bottom if excessively long.
  • No dye or make-up may be used and no false tails.
  • Ridden/Driven ponies may be clipped in the interest of welfare but not their legs.
  • False quarter marks are not allowed.
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