Fell Pony

The Fell pony should be constitutionally as hard as iron and show good pony characteristics with the unmistakable appearance of hardiness peculiar to mountain ponies, and at the same time, have a lively and alert appearance and great bone.


  • HEIGHT: Not exceeding 14 hands (142.2 cm).
  • COLOUR: Black, Brown, Bay or Grey. Chestnuts, piebalds and skewbalds are debarred. A star and/or a little white on or below the hind fetlock is acceptable. An excess of white markings is discouraged, but such ponies are eligible for registration.
  • HEAD: Small, well chiseled in outline, well set on, forehead broad, tapering to nose.
  • NOSTRILS: Large and expanding.
  • EYES: Prominent, bright, mild and intelligent.
  • EARS: Neatly set, well formed and small.
  • THROAT AND JAWS: Fine, showing no signs of throatiness or coarseness.
  • NECK: Of proportionate length, giving good length of rein, strong and not too heavy, moderate crest in case of stallion.
  • SHOULDERS: Most important, well laid back and sloping, not too fine at withers, nor loaded at the points – a good long shoulder blade, muscles well developed.
  • CARCASE: Good strong back of outline, muscular loins, deep carcase, thick through heart, round ribbed from shoulders to flank, short and well coupled, hind quarters square and strong with tail well set on.
  • FEET, LEGS AND JOINTS: Feet of good size, round and well formed, open at heels with the characteristic blue horn, fair sloping pasterns not too long, forelegs should be straight, well placed not tied at the elbows, big well-formed knees, short cannon bone, plenty of good flat bone below knee (eight inches at least), great muscularity of arm.
  • HIND LEGS: Good thighs and second thighs, very muscular, hocks well let down and clean cut, plenty of bone below joint, hocks should not be sickle nor cow-hocked.
  • MANE, TAIL AND FEATHERS: Plenty of fine hair at heels (coarse hair objectionable) all the fine hair except that at the point of heel may be cast in summer. Mane and tail are left to grow long.
  • ACTION: Walk, smart and true. Trot well-balanced all round with good knee and hock action, going well from the shoulder and flexing the hocks, not going too wide nor near behind. Should show great pace and endurance, bringing the hind legs well under the body when going.
Secretary: Mrs E Parkin
Secretary: Mrs E Parkin
Fell Pony Society
Bank House Boroughgate
Cumbria CA16 6XF
Tel/ Fax: 01768 353100
Email: secretary@fellponysociety.org.uk 
Website: www.fellponysociety.org.uk


  • Head, nostrils, eyes, ears, throat/jaw, neck: 10
  • Height and Colour: 5
  • Shoulders: 15
  • Carcass: 20
  • Feet, legs and joints and hind legs: 25
  • Action: 25
  • General characteristics: 25


  • Ponies must be shown unplaited and untrimmed, including head, mane, feather and tail, which should not have been previously plaited as the hair should be straight and silky.
  • Eye make-up and hair dying is not allowed.
  • Clipping of winter coats on working ponies whilst not encouraged, for showing, is not debarred.
  • Ponies will not be penalised if they have been freeze-branded.
  • Brood mares with foals at foot will be eligible for entry in-hand. Foals may accompany mares into the ring but must be haltered and under control of a competent handler.
  • Foals must be a minimum of 21 days old on the day of the show.
  • Foals must only be shown in a halter or leather head collar. No foal to be shown in a bit of any type.
  • Ponies may be shown shod or unshod.
  • White rope or webbing halters may be used to show youngstock. Brood-mares, geld mares and geldings may also be shown in rope or webbing halters or in a bridle. Yearlings may not be shown bitted.
  • Brood mares suckling foals not to be shown under saddle or in harness.
  • Ridden ponies will be Judged 50% conformation and breed characteristics and 50% ride, manners and presentation in the ring.
  • Ponies must be four years old and over in all ridden and driving classes. The age shall be calculated from 1st January in the year of its birth.
  • All stallions and 2/3 year old colts must hold a current license, and MAY NOT BE ENTERED in any young handler or junior ridden class.
  • Stallions and colts must be adequately bitted and under control of a handler aged 14 or over. Stallion tack is optional.
  • No ridden pony shall be shown on a leading rein except those exhibited in classes confined to leading rein ponies, or unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
  • Only mares and geldings are eligible in junior, lead rein and first ridden classes.
  • First ridden ponies must be shown in a suitable bridle.
  • In leading rein classes, the lead rein must be affixed to the noseband only. The reins must go directly from the bit to the riders hands. Must be shown in a snaffle.
  • In first ridden classes, ponies must not be cantered except in their individual show. In Novice Ridden classes snaffle bits must be used.
  • Bit-less bridles are not permitted. Any suitable bridles may be worn in worker hunter classes.
  • Protective leg boots of a plain colour may be used for worker hunter classes only and are not permitted for any other classes. No bandages, over reach boots or protective pads on ponies legs or feet are permissible. Normal shaped plastic stick on shoes are permissable.
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