10 – 14 year old NPS Scotland Bursary 2018

Shanyn Wilson

We are delighted to share a brief report from Shanyn on what she has done with her 2018 bursary.

After purchasing my 3 year old gelding Rivervalley Revolver aka Roger, he went to Kirsty Aird’s in the winter of 2017 for a brief time, during the summer months of last year, Roger and I had lots of fun together, introducing him to big wide world.

As Kirsty knew Roger, I decided use the bursary to further both his and my education. Due to Kirsty’s very busy season, we waited until the winter when Roger would be more mature and stronger within himself.

We had five lessons with Kirsty, we worked on slowing down his walk and trot, taught him to flex his head and neck to improve his suppleness, which helped with his bending and to use his corners and for me to ride better circles. We both learned how to do turn on the forehand and leg yield, boy it was hard work! On to canter, to improve and strengthen his canter, we used canter poles on a circle, this all helped him to keep a rhythm and for me to ride smooth balanced turns, to prepare him for his jumping.

I would like to thank NPS Scotland and of course Kirsty, Roger and I will be continuing our education with her throughout the year, our lessons have been great fun and very hard work.

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