Bake Off Results 2019

NPS Scotland held their second Charity Bake Off on Saturday 16th November by very kind permission of Anna Roberts at the wonderful venue of Stathallan Castle. Members and friends travelled from the north and the south to this very central venue. There was wonderful imagination, high skills, strong competition and a lot of laughs along the way. The men only class topped the class entries with 9 entries of shortbread and there were carrot cakes of all shapes, designs and sizes making it a tough decision for out two wonderful judges Ann Whitelaw who has provided the NPS Summer show lunch for over 20 years and Graham Barclay, master baker and more know to most of us as the working hunter course builder.
The photograph class brought an amazing range of entries, but first prize went to a spectacular shot of two of Dougal Dicks Shetland ponies out on the hill.
Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this event which was run as a fund raiser for the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance and raised £401.50 which NPS Scotland are rounding up to a £500 donation.

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Senior Section (Over 16 years)

Class 1 Decorated Carrot Cake
1st Adrienne Taylor
2nd Jo Jack
3rd Pat Rennie
4th Wendy Wallace
5th Elaine Smith
6th Emma Jane Murray

Class 2 8 Square of Tablet
1st Jean Ralston
2nd Gillian McMurray
3rd Sheila Keron
4th Fiona Roebuck
5th Dave Cuthbert
6th Gillian McMurray

Class 3 3 pieces of Shorbread – Men Only
1st Willie Ralston
2nd Duncan Cameron
3rd Peter Keron
4th David Blair
5th Tom Best
6th Isla Roebuck

Class 4 Swiss Roll
1st Jean Ralston
2nd Jo Jack
3rd Fiona Longley
4th Gillian McMurray
5th Emma Jane Murray
6th Alicia Hay

Junior Section

Class 5 Age 10 years & Under – Any choice of Tray Bake
1st Lucas Piperias

Class 6 11 – 16 years Decorated muffins with a horse theme
1st Max Millichip
2nd Caleigh Taylor

Class 7 Decorated Gingerbread Man
1st Lucas Piperias
2nd Aaron Piperias

Class 8 Seniors – Decorated Wine Bottle
1st Kirsty Miller
2nd Wendy Wallace
3rd Elaine Smith
4th Alicia Hay
5th Pat Rennie

Class 9 Juniors – Decorated Flower Pot
1st Nathan Evans

Class 10 Photograph ‘ Any Spectacular Pony Photograph’
1st Dougal Dick
2nd Dougal Dick
3rd Molly Keron
4th Nathan Evans
5th Kirsty Miller
6th Emma Jane Murray

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