The Great NPS Scotland Bake-Off Results

The Great NPS Scotland Bake-Off Results

 On Saturday 27th October we had a great gathering of members, friends and family at Strathallan Castle by very kind permission of Anna Roberts with not a pony in sight unless it was in a picture or on a cake.   It was a great opportunity for all there to have a chat and a catch up with a bit of fun, a lot of laughs and a good bit of competition including a highly competitive Men only class.  People travelled from Brechin to the Borders to meet our two judges Anne Whitelaw (aka Mary Berry) who provides our renowned Summer Show judges lunch and Graham Barclay, master baker (aka Paul Hollywood) who everyone knows as our working hunter course builder.

There was a tremendous display of baking and crafts in aid of the Grass Sickness Fund and the NPS Scotland Young Judges Scheme.  The day raised £426.50.

Congratulations to all who participated and thank you to everyone who supported this afternoon by coming along.  The results were as follows


Senior (Over 16 years) Section

Decorated Chocolate Cake

1st        Teen Smith

2nd       Alicia Hay

3rd        Adrienne Taylor

4th        Courtney Bell

5th        Erika Hood

6th        Fiona Roebuck

Three Custard Creams

1st        Pat Reid

2nd       Shona McGregor

3rd        Jo Jack

4th        Eilidh Fletcher

5th        Jean Ralston

6th        Ian Smith

Men only class – Three Cream Filled Meringues

1st        Isla Roebuck

2nd       David Blair

3rd        Tom Best

Fruit Loaf

1st        Jo Jack

2nd       Eilidh Fletcher

3rd        Courtney Bell

4th        Pat Reid

5th        Isla Roebuck

6th        Wendy Wallace

Junior Section (age as of 27th October)

Age 10 years and under – Any choice of Tray Bake (4 squares)

1st        Natalie McGregor

2nd       Lucas Piperias

3rd =     Mitchell McGregor

3rd =     Rosie Whitaker


Age 11 – 16 years – Decorated sponge with a Horse Theme

1st        Caleigh Taylor

2nd       Brooke Kehoe

3rd        Katie Aitchison


Decorated Pumpkin or Toffee Apple for Halloween (All Ages)

1st        Amelie Whitaker

2nd       Lucas Piperias

3rd        Holly Walker

4th        Katie Aitchison

5th        Aaron Piperias


Decorated horse shoe – Seniors

1st        Kim Stretch

2nd       Kirsty Miller

3rd        Alicia Hay

4th        Wendy Wallace


Photograph ‘My pony in 2018’

1st        Kirsty Miller

2nd       Jean Ralston

3rd        Kim Stretch

4th        Courtney Bell

5th        Kim Stretch


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