Results of 2019 Harbro Points Competition

NPS Scotland Harbro Points Winners 2019

Congratulations to our wonderful winners of the 2019 Points competition which completed on the 31st December 2019.  Those worthy winners were presented their prizes the AGM in the Huntingtower Hotel, Perth by Louise Oliphant who organises the Points Competition and Vicky Guild from Harbro our sponsors who presented vouchers to all prize winners and rugs to the champions with saddle cloths to the reserves

View the pictures of the presentation here

Treasure Island Trophy is a points accumulator competition for showing classes.

1st Thistledown Angel Eyes and Rebecca Lapsley

2nd Trailtrow Tearlach and Gillian McMurray

3rd Waitwith Santana and Sue Chappelhow-Lacy

4th Dunaskin Gimli and Eleanor Crate.

5th Shilstone Rocks Tornado and Kirsty Errington.

6th Gems Swn Y Mor and Kirsty Finnie.


Lady Fairfax Lucy Trophy is a points accumulator for all disciplines including driving, endurance riding, horse trials, dressage and many more showing the versatility of the native breeds.

1st Trailtrow Tearlach and Gillain McMurray  (8700 Points)

2nd Lees Hill Lord and Lesley McNaughton-Wells

3rd Dunaskin Gimli and Eleanor Crate.

4th Thistledown Angel Eyes and Rebecca Lapsley.

5th Eastlands Tushiebrae and Emma-Jane Murray

6th Peepings Aragon and Sue Chappelhow-Lacy

7th Dusty Newtown Land and Rebecca McNaab.

8th Ardfry Rohan and Nicola Lyon.

9th Barhill Danny and Gail Whetter.

10th Shilstone Rocks Toranado and Kirsy Errington.


Best of Breed

 Best Welsh A – Tahuna Caramel Trophy – Waitwith Santana and Sue Chappelhow-Lacy.

Best Welsh B – Dunaskin Gimli and Eleanor Crate.

Best Welsh D – Balhagarty  Royal Dhu and Morven Booth

Best Highland – Trailtrow Tearlach and Gillian McMurray

Best Dartmoor – Shilstone Rocks Tornado and Kirsty Errington.

Best Connemara – Eastlands Tushiebrae and Emma Jane Murray.

Best Fell – Peepings Aragon and Sue Chappelhow-Lacy.

Best Dales – Lees Hill Lord and Lesley McNaughton-Wells.

Best Exmoor – Barhill Danny and Gail Whetter.


Trophy Winners

Part Bred Chester Hill Cup – Saxon and Lesley McNaughton-Wells.

Driving Trophy – Llanarth Tango and Caroline Watson.

Toffee Cup for Dressage –  Lees Hill Lord and Lesley McNaughton-Wells.

Shreddie Cup for Jumpning – Dunaskin Gimli and Eleanor Crate.

Junior Trophy –Dunaskin Gimli and Dana Simpson.


In Hand –

1st Trailtrow Tearlach and Gillian McMurray

2nd Banksy and Eleanor Crate.

3rd Eastlands Tushiebrae and Emma-Jane Murray

4th Waxwing Daisy Mary and Kirsty Miller.

5th Saxon and Lesley McNaughton-Wells.

6th Fourmerk Highland Fling and Marilla with Joan Alexander.

Young Stock

Bansky and Eleanor Crate


The 2020 competition is now open, please download your log book and get started for the new season.  This is a great competition that is open to everyone showing, or performance whatever you do with your pony you will be awarded points to compete for these amazing prizes for the 2020 competition,  Good Luck


AGM – Lunch 2020


AGM, 2019 Harbro Points and SPOTY Presentations followed by
Pre-Season Sunday Lunch

Sunday 9th February 2020

The Huntingtower Hotel, Perth, PH1 3JT

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2019 NPS Scotland Bursary Winner 18 – 25 years – Nicola Lyon

A report from Nicola on how she has used the bursary…

Receiving the training bursary has been an amazing opportunity for Rohan and I. With the training bursary we have been travelling down to Perth for lessons with Kirsty Aird. During the lessons we have worked on improving Rohan’s paces and way of going for the showing world and started some jumping. These lessons have really given us the kick start we needed to improve our jumping.

I plan to carry on these lessons with Kirsty as she has been a massive help. With the help from Kirsty, Rohan and I have had some amazing results this year including being placed 9th at Blair Horse Trials in the NPS Novice Ridden M&M and being 1st on the MyQuest leaderboard for the U21 Prelim section in Scotland.

Nicola Lyon report

Thank you very much for providing me with this training bursary.

NPS Scotland Spring Show 2020 NEWS

Saturday 25th April 2020

We can confirm that we have been awarded the NPS/NAF M & M (RIHS) WHP Qualifier for 2020.

We are introducing a Mixed Height Open M & M WHP class for 2020.

Sunday 26th April 2020

We have recently been notified by the BSPS that we have not been awarded the Heritage Open Ridden and Lead Rein/First Ridden (RIHS) qualifiers for 2020 Spring Show.  The reason given by the BSPS is that they have been instructed by the RIHS to reduce the amount of qualifiers.  We have appealed against this decision but regrettably without success.

We will fill these classes with alternative ridden qualifiers which we will notify you of at the earliest.

Remembering Dougal WH Dick 1934-2019

It is difficult to relate the story of Dougal’s life without also referring his family’s Transy Pony Stud, which was founded in 1896 by his grandfather, William Mungall, on the purchase of two unregistered Shetland pony geldings for his Transy Estate on the outskirts of Dunfermline, Fife. His purchase would soon become a passion for the breed and four generations on it remains strong through his daughter Eleanor and her husband William Dick, grandson Dougal and great-grandchildren Carolyn and Sarah, who became partners with Dougal in 1988. Dougal’s hope that another generation will be added to the list in due course seems assured as his own grandchildren have already shown an interest in the Stud.

At a time when breed societies and stud books were developing rapidly, his family played a prominent role for over a century, all having been elected to Council of the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society with Presidency awarded to William Mungall in 1909, to William Dick (Dougal’s father) in 1959 and to Dougal himself from 1969 to 1971 and again from 1999 to 2000. Dougal has been a member of the Shetland Pony International Show and Centenary Show Committees as well as the Centenary Trust. The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society was not the only pony society to benefit from Dougal’s leadership as he was also Scottish Chairman National Pony Society (1975-2000), National Pony Society Council member and President (1989-90), founder member Scottish Equine Breeders Association and Chairman (1999-2003) and Chairman of the Scottish Connemara Group.

Dougal took over the breeding of ponies at Transy in 1953 having persuaded his parents to bring back to the Stud six of the remaining mares which had been out on loan to the Harviestoun and Marshwood Studs during the war when the Dick’s farm at Lochend had been requisitioned as a remount depot for the army. It was at much the same time that Dougal was actively engaged in sporting activities including sailing and cricket however it was both hockey and curling at which he excelled and played competitively for local clubs. It was later in life that he pursued the more leisurely hobby of photography, something which he had inherited from both father and grandfather who were both keen amateur photographers in their day.

Following his father’s advice to dismiss options for Oxford or Cambridge, Dougal studied agriculture at the East and West Colleges of Agriculture choosing to return home to run the farms on Transy Estate. Although better known as a Shetland pony breeder, he maintained his interest in farming and having sold his farms at Lochend and Dunnygask near Dunfermline, he moved to Devonshaw in Clackmannanshire in 1969 where sheep became the focus along with cattle and ponies. His interest in agriculture never faded and Dougal always had a view on how Scottish farm land should be managed. His ties with the Transy Estate came to an end in 1989 when it was sold following the death of his mother.

Dougal saw the Transy Stud through its centenary year when he hosted a memorable gathering at Devonshaw in 1996 and the publication of its history which he painstakingly compiled with words and photographs from his extensive library. Bloodlines from the early purchases by William Mungall in 1899 had been proudly maintained and still remain in the pedigree of ponies currently in the Stud. From Mungall’s early domination of the Royal Highland Show championships in the first part of the 20th century, Dougal won his first prize at Perth Show in 1939 when he won with the barren mare Skelmore of Transy. He has since upheld a keen interest in shows and has successfully competed throughout Britain and Europe. Among his many big wins, the Highland Show Championship and Medal won in 2002 with Ceres of Transy was considered by Dougal as his greatest accomplishment in the show ring as it followed a lengthy gap since the Stud had taken the title and his very own first at Scotland’s premier event.

Much success has since followed and in 2010 the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland recognised his outstanding contribution to livestock breeding by awarding him the prestigious Sir William Young Award. It is no wonder as he also exported ponies to all corners of the world including Continental Europe as well as both North and South America, Egypt and Japan making the Transy prefix a key constituent of Shetland pony breeding policies universal.

While latterly Dougal’s interests have mainly rested with the showing of his Shetlands in breed classes, over the years he has been a great supporter of all performance aspects of the breed with successes recorded with ponies both under saddle and in harness. This probably explains why in discussion with Dougal on the merits or demerits of conformation, hind legs, active action behind and good movement have always featured as a priority with him. In time he was invited to join the Shetland Pony panel of judges in 1959 and judged his first show at Echt that year. Following his first major judging appointment in 1967 when he judged the Royal Show, he went on to judge every major show in the country as well as extensively overseas. In addition to the Shetland panel he has also been a panel judge for the British Driving Society, the British Connemara Society and the National Pony Society for which he was an authority on all native breeds. It is a little known fact that Dougal also bred a few Dartmoor and Connemara ponies at Transy, two breeds which he had previously selected for his children to ride as they outgrew their Shetlands. Even less known is the fact that he also stood a Thoroughbred stallion for many years which was popular with breeders in Central Scotland.

It goes without saying that Dougal’s dedication to public duty knew no bounds. He was one of the willing volunteers of life, generous of his time, his knowledge, his experience and his enthusiasm; he was also a very generous sponsor from which many good causes benefited. He will be remembered as a wonderful host to the many hundreds, if not thousands, of people who enjoyed his hospitality at Devonshaw. Dougal’s passion for the Shetland breed and ponies in general never faltered and until very recently his lack of mobility never stopped him from attending shows and events.

While I am sure Dougal’s recognition as a successful breeder and exhibitor are well earned, these go nothing towards describing the man known affectionately so many people both in his locality and world-wide. He would have been the first to recognise the life-long friendships which he established through the Shetland breed or horses and ponies in general. While Dougal didn’t suffer fools gladly; his likable character, interesting conversation, good nature and wicked sense of humour made him easy and enjoyable company, something which he generously shared.

Dougal was a great family man having married Katherine in 1963; although divorced they remained friends to the end. He was immensely proud of their daughters Carolyn and Sarah and encouraged their interest in competitive riding as well as breeding and showing Transy ponies. Their respective husbands James and Ian have become backroom boys at Transy and their children Charlotte, Matthew, Sophie and Lucy have begun to play a key role. Sincere condolences are extended to them all.

2019 NPS Scotland Bursary Winner 10 – 17 years – Keiva Robertson

A report from Keiva on how she has used the bursary…

Thank you very much for the training grant you awarded me for the season of 2019.

This training grant has helped me and Tiffany progress and learn new skills to get ready for the busy show season.

I had lessons with Vicky Common and Ashley Rilley in Inverness, with Vicky I did jumping and cross country getting us ready for the Highland show and with Ashley we focused on flat work and getting ready for the HOYS which we had qualified for the junior small breeds ridden.

We had a massive journey ahead of us to get to Birmingham with a few weather delays on the way with the Ferry!

My time at HOYS was magical, an experience I will never forget. We arrived on Friday and I didn’t ride Tiffany on Friday because we had travelled so far, but I rode her on Saturday in the outdoor arena at the stables.

I went to bed early that night as I had to get up so early to be up at the Top Spec Arena for our familiarisation at 6:00am, where we got to ride around the TopSpec Arena before the classes started in the morning, Tiffany was a doll as always, she was foot perfect.

Our class was in the afternoon, Tiffany was brilliant and ready for the occasion, we loved every second of it, we got to show off in ‘The Ring’ at HOYS.  I want to thank each person who helped me reach my dream, I’m so grateful! Dreams really do come true!

Thank you once again

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Bake Off Results 2019

NPS Scotland held their second Charity Bake Off on Saturday 16th November by very kind permission of Anna Roberts at the wonderful venue of Stathallan Castle. Members and friends travelled from the north and the south to this very central venue. There was wonderful imagination, high skills, strong competition and a lot of laughs along the way. The men only class topped the class entries with 9 entries of shortbread and there were carrot cakes of all shapes, designs and sizes making it a tough decision for out two wonderful judges Ann Whitelaw who has provided the NPS Summer show lunch for over 20 years and Graham Barclay, master baker and more know to most of us as the working hunter course builder.
The photograph class brought an amazing range of entries, but first prize went to a spectacular shot of two of Dougal Dicks Shetland ponies out on the hill.
Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this event which was run as a fund raiser for the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance and raised £401.50 which NPS Scotland are rounding up to a £500 donation.

Click here for pictures

Senior Section (Over 16 years)

Class 1 Decorated Carrot Cake
1st Adrienne Taylor
2nd Jo Jack
3rd Pat Rennie
4th Wendy Wallace
5th Elaine Smith
6th Emma Jane Murray

Class 2 8 Square of Tablet
1st Jean Ralston
2nd Gillian McMurray
3rd Sheila Keron
4th Fiona Roebuck
5th Dave Cuthbert
6th Gillian McMurray

Class 3 3 pieces of Shorbread – Men Only
1st Willie Ralston
2nd Duncan Cameron
3rd Peter Keron
4th David Blair
5th Tom Best
6th Isla Roebuck

Class 4 Swiss Roll
1st Jean Ralston
2nd Jo Jack
3rd Fiona Longley
4th Gillian McMurray
5th Emma Jane Murray
6th Alicia Hay

Junior Section

Class 5 Age 10 years & Under – Any choice of Tray Bake
1st Lucas Piperias

Class 6 11 – 16 years Decorated muffins with a horse theme
1st Max Millichip
2nd Caleigh Taylor

Class 7 Decorated Gingerbread Man
1st Lucas Piperias
2nd Aaron Piperias

Class 8 Seniors – Decorated Wine Bottle
1st Kirsty Miller
2nd Wendy Wallace
3rd Elaine Smith
4th Alicia Hay
5th Pat Rennie

Class 9 Juniors – Decorated Flower Pot
1st Nathan Evans

Class 10 Photograph ‘ Any Spectacular Pony Photograph’
1st Dougal Dick
2nd Dougal Dick
3rd Molly Keron
4th Nathan Evans
5th Kirsty Miller
6th Emma Jane Murray

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