NPS Scotland Finals Rules 2019

Please insert into your schedule the following: –

TO BE RUN UNDER NPS SCOTLAND FINALS (BLAIR CASTLE) RULES 2019 which are on the NPS Scotland website These rules clarify areas particular to NPS Scotland.

Exhibitors are deemed to be conversant with these rules.

(There is now no need to print the rules in your schedule)

1a Ponies may only qualify once for each NPS Scotland Competition Final.

1b Ponies that take a second qualifier for the same section will be disqualified from entering the final.

1c It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that their jockey/handler is aware of their pony’s qualification status

2. All Mountain & Moorland Ponies must be registered in the main body of their respective stud book. Part bred, X registered ponies, ponies in the appendices of their main stud book and Eriskay ponies are not eligible.

3. Qualification in the M. & M In Hand Section may go Champion, Reserve Champion and 1st Reserve Champion. This excludes the NPS Scotland Spring and Summer Shows where 1st and 2nd prize winners will qualify.
Qualification for M&M Novice, Open, WHP, Lead Rein, First Ridden and Riding pony/Hunter pony classes may go to no lower than 4th place.

4. A Judge is not obliged to award an NPS Scotland Finals qualification if he/she feels that the pony is not of a sufficient standard.

5. Cavasson nosebands are the only nosebands permitted in flat ridden class.

6. NPS Scotland Kilmannan Novice Ridden
Ponies can compete as novices in this competition for two consecutive years provided they do not submit an entry to the final in the first year.

7. Entries will only be accepted via our on-line entry system, Entry Master
It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to keep the qualification card safely as it is essential to complete your entry. Paper entries will not be accepted.

8. Closing Dates for Entries
Wednesday 31st July 2019 for all shows prior to that date. Shows from 1st to 5th August – the closing date is 8th August
Please refer to NPS Scotland website for directions on” How to submit your entry” on the Entry Master

9. The OWNER must be or become a member of NPS Scotland to enter the Finals.

10. All ridden ponies must be shown off the lead rein except in the specified Lead Rein Qualifier Class.

11. In Mountain and Moorland classes riders of stallions must be 12 years old or over when riding small breeds (Shetland, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Welsh A & B). For large breeds (Highland, Fell, Dales, Connemara, New Forest, Welsh C & D) riders of stallions must be 14 years old or over.

12. A child must have attained their 12th birthday as of the 1st January in the current year to either strip or lunge pony at a NPS show, except for stallions where age will same as in the Rule Book to ride a stallion.

13. Handlers of stallions or colts must be 14 years old or over.

14. Handlers of ponies in In Hand classes aged 14 years and under must wear a correctly secured skull caps/riding hat that meets the current standards.

15. The Finals will take place at the Blair Castle International Horse Trials on Friday 23rd August 2019.

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